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I grew up in Lorena, TX and call Waco home. I have a beautiful wife named Courtney and an amazing group of friends. I am the graphic designer at Antioch Community Church and my wife and I own Co-Town Crêpes (Waco Downtown Farmers Market). I love to read, listen to music, play sports and spend time with my friends.


Waco, TX

Describe your path to design:

It all started with a multimedia class in high school where I got my first taste of Photoshop. My first three years out of high school, I learned how to design in Photoshop through trial and error and producing lots of work as a volunteer for the youth group at my church. I was hired by QTI Promotions and Apparel as a t-shirt designer in 2007. I split time each day between QTI’s main office and their Baylor store, Bear Cotton. I worked there for 2 years and then was hired by my church, Antioch Community Church. I have been the graphic designer at the church for almost five years.

Favorite designers?

Fabien Barral, Scott Hansen, Jon Contino, Dave Coleman

Your favorite source of inspiration?

Nature, great photography, & anything on Thisiscolossal.com/

Advice for someone wanting a career in design?

Think of your job as serving and helping people. This makes my work much more enjoyable and satisfying.

Learn to say “No” to jobs when you need to and over-communicate with your clients. Lack of clear expectations makes things really tough.

Heed the words of Ira Glass

Have you ever felt insecure about your work? How do you overcome?

Yes, plenty of times. It mostly comes from trying to compare myself to other designers. I remind myself that my value doesn’t come from the work I produce. My value comes from loving Jesus, loving my wife and being a great friend.

I have also had to learn to not be afraid to try. Whether I am really confident or really insecure about a project, I am going to try it out and learn from whatever feedback I get.

Are you better in the early morning or late night?


What is your waco connection:

I have lived in Waco for the last 20 yrs. I love it.

Here's a million dollars to spend on Waco, what's next?

I would love to see the invention of a beautifully manicured golf course converted into a city park. No golfing aloud, just park stuff. Throw a frisbee or football on that perfect golf course grass, kids can play in the sand traps, the water hazards are swimming holes…I think it would be awesome. That might cost more than a million dollars, but I guy can dream, right?


This is Mark. I have a beautiful wife named Kira and a little pup named Koda. I work for myself and own and operate a little design set-up I call "Lonesome Hero Design Studio and Such." We love Jesus and volunteer at our church with the junior high youth ministry.


Fort Worth, Texas

Describe your path to design:

I didn't know much about "design" growing up. But I loved to draw. I learned a lot about myself through drawing and I enjoy being able to put work and talent into something and walkaway with a finished piece. I took all the art classes they would allow me to in high school, and I found myself drawing all day in classes to the point teachers would be really frustrated with me, thinking I wasn't paying attention. A friend of my dads had recently quit her job and started pursuing "graphic design", she described it to me by showing me a Twizzler's ad in which this dog had Twizzler's for whiskers. That is all I knew of design, and seemed like the obvious route for me to go. A friend of mine was going to school in Waco for automotive course, and myself not knowing much, I went with him to see if the school offered any drawing classes. We moved to Waco in '05 to start school, and that is when I began to fully see and understand the world of design.

Favorite designers?

Some of my favorite designers are the people that I actually know, the friends I went to school with, or the people I've met in Waco in the same field. Outside of my circle of friends I really enjoy looking though tons of other designer's and illustrator's work. Jon Burgerman, Army of Snipers, Tom Whalen, Dennis Salvatier, Draplin, Invisible Creature, Matt Taylor and good 'ol Jon Contino.

Your favorite source of inspiration?

I like a ton of stuff from my childhood. Toys. Ninja Turtles, Marvel Heroes, G.I. Joes, and Legos. Cartoons. Nickelodeon. Comic Books. I also love great Tshirts, comedy and outer space.

Advice for someone wanting a career in design?

Go for it. Do it. Don't take free work. Educate the people out there about the process, and what you like, and why you like it. Help people notice great design. And try not to be snobby about it.

Have you ever felt insecure about your work?

almost every piece.

How do you overcome?

I remind myself that over time people have told me they like my work, and I trust my friends to let me know if I'm missing it hugely.

Are you better in the early morning or late night?

late night! definitely at night. nobody is calling me or emailing me, or needing to meet at midnight.

How can someone hire you to help their business?

email me at marklonesomehero(at)gmail.com website coming sooooon. (lonesomehero.com)

What is your Waco connection:

I followed a friend that was choosing to go to school here. He later dropped out, but I really began to find my place.

Here's a million dollars to spend on Waco, what's next?

Besides printing everyone a free WACO FEELS LIKE HOME shirt, if they wanted one, I would love to open a Co-Op Screenprinting / Design facility so that homies can come and make our own shirts and cool art prints. I'd let my dad run the shop. He would love it.

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