Jordan Bell

23 year old graphic designer, digital letter constructor, bassist, cyclist, soccer enthusiast, and student of the arts.


Raised right here in good ol' Wacotown.

Describe your path to design:>

It all started at Midway High. I reluctantly took Art 1 and soon found myself looking forward to going to class. However, soon after joining, I was sent to AP Art. The rest of my high school career I just took tons of art and computer classes and loved it. I knew then I wanted to be a "graphic artist", so I went to ACU and got a BFA in Graphic Design. My four years at ACU really helped me grow as not only an artist, but a designer and typographer as well. I then traveled across the pond to attend Reading University's Masters in Typeface Design Program. So, far it has been an amazing experience.

Favorite designers?

Louise Fili, Milton Glaser, Herb Lubalin, Dan Cassaro, Jeff Rogers, Ken Barber, Gerard Unger, Ed Benguiat, and many others.

Your favorite source of inspiration?

Currently, all my books on Art Deco design. The furniture, architecture, packaging and lettering styles are so impressive and memorable.

Advice for someone wanting a career in design?

Actually sketch! Use different tools, brushes, and pens. Experiment in different mediums and fields. But most of all, open your mind to the world around you. Don't let yourself get stuck on one kind of style or trend. Pursue timeless design always. 

Have you ever felt insecure about your work?

Oh all the time. I feel like it's an essential step in the design process. 

How do you overcome?

I try to keep an open mind to new ideas and styles. Listening to others (including clients sometimes) helps me get back on track or gets the creative gears turning again. 

Are you better in the early morning or late night?

Extremes. Either right when I wake up in the morning, or crazy late at night. 

How can someone hire you to help their business?

You can contact me through my website or email me at howdy[at]jordantbell.com! Even though I am in graduate school, I am still designing for one of my many fantastic clients. 

Here's a million dollars to spend on Waco, what do you do?

I think Waco is great. I honestly miss it even while I'm in NYC or London. I think the banks of the river could use a makeover, but I believe that's actually being planned already! Maybe I'd invest in a sweet food truck to prowl around downtown and Baylor campus. Probably has to be a chicken and waffles truck.

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