Tanner Freeman



Describe Your Path to Design:

I always have had a knack for visuals, and design just fell in line with that. Going to Abilene Christian set the standard for me.

Favorite designers?

Christian Helms, Studio Muti, Barry Mcgee, Tom Sacks (not really a designer)

Advice for someone wanting a career in design?

Failure is essential to making it. I still have so much to learn but I have found out that happy accidents and big ass mistakes make for good designer.

Have you ever felt insecure about your work?

No, Wait Yes. At the end of the day I am really happy with my work.

How do you overcome?

Clients, the good ones hire me (Deuxtone) to be an expert, believing this has helped.

Are you better in the early morning or late night?

Morning, with a cup of brew.

How can someone hire you to help their business?

Contacting info@deuxtone, with the project at hand is a great start!

What is your Waco connection?

Waco is my hometown, and a damn good one!

Here's a million dollars to spend on Waco, what do you do?

Increased infrastructure for bike commuters including repair stations, more dedicated lanes, curbside rentals, & something like the yellow bike project (that could employ low income workers).

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